Dome on the Range

It all starts with an idea to make a geodesic dome.  Then construct the models.  It's the only way that you can visualize the final structure. 

By trial and error, a shape takes place and with a lot of work -- the finished product.

I designed the dome from paper models and build it in the Building Construction workshop of Western Canada High School where I taught Electronics and Math.   The triangular windows are made from fibreglass. A artist friend welded the stove from a steel barrel.

In 1974, my wife and carted the prefabricated panels on a trailer to land owned by my cousin Gary and I on  the Battle River Valley, near the little town of Galahad in Alberta.  This was a far as we could get the overloaded trailer on the dirt road, so this is where it was assembled.  
The prefabricated triangles and pentagons bolted together and shutters provided some shade. We spend two weeks that summer relaxing at our "summer home".  My brother-in-law Andy visited to cut firewood.  I'm the one with the shovel, trying to look rural.

We enjoyed walks through the beautiful Battle River Valley. (David, Mathilda and her sister).  For entertainment, we went to the bar in Galahad  to drink beer and play shuffleboard.  One night we, stayed at the  hotel attached to the bar.  The cost?  Just $4/night.

I even managed to visit the Galahad hospital after falling off the roof of the dome and spraining my ankle.


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